Year 10 3D Art prepares students for VCE studies in Studio Arts.  In this elective study, students will have an opportunity to work with a variety of art disciplines allowing them to experience a mixed media approach to their art making over the course of the semester. Students will learn more about the way in which different art disciplines can be combined to make one artwork as well as being able to work with a range of differing art disciplines to complete a final folio of artworks.

The art disciplines offered to students are as follows:

  • Painting/Drawing
  • Sculpture/Ceramics

Practical area of study:

Students will:

  • engage in the practical art making process in an independent, individual and creative way
  • develop a personal style and approach to exploring ideas, using a range of two and three-dimensional media
  • investigate and use skills, techniques and processes
  • respond to the world in which they live by considering, reflecting, analysing and communicating
  • use the Art Process to interpret a set theme, develop ideas, research, explore subject matter, plan composition, use art elements and principles, trial materials, develop skills, techniques and use stylistic qualities
  • progressively document all their thinking and working processes in a visual diary format
  • present a folio of final artworks which will demonstrate their understanding of the Mixed Media Concepts studied

The visual diary requires students to record all visual information and to make written annotated self-evaluations that support all art making processes undertaken.

Theoretical area of study:

Students will:

  • explore artists and their artworks from traditional and contemporary contexts
  • interpret artworks using structured frameworks
  • build on art language skills through the completion of set theory tasks


  • Visual Arts practice – A range of practical tasks
  • Written theory tasks – Record, respond, analyse artworks and processes including annotation and reflection

Selection advice:

This subject is highly recommended for any student considering VCE Studio Art.

This is a semester based subject only.

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