3D Game Design and Development

The computer gaming industry is a growth industry in terms of both sales and jobs. More people now play games on mobile devices and computers than ever before. What are the important factors and elements of computer games? What skills are required and how do you make and test them?


  • In this unit students will investigate the construction of computer games which include 3D and 2D game and character design and basic and advanced coding to animate characters.
  • Game Maker and the 3D Unity game engine will be the software used. Students will use Javascript and Actionscript as programming languages.
  • At the end of the unit students will build their own game as the major assessment piece.
  • The hardware requirements for computer games will also be investigated.

Links to further study:

This unit is a useful preparation for study of Information Technology at VCE level and will develop skills that will be useful in a range of practical situations.

Units available at VCE / VET include:

  • Information Technology 1 & 2
  • Information Technology Applications 3 & 4
  • Information Technology Software Development 3 & 4
  • VET Interactive Digital Media 1 – 4

Selection advice:
There are no prerequisites for this subject.

This unit can be undertaken by any student. Students will have to purchase the software for the 3D Unity game engine. A student would not repeat this unit within the same year.

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