Active Living

Active Living aims to enhance young men’s health, self-esteem and leadership skills through physical activity.

Active Living fosters teamwork and decision making in a supportive environment.  It is hoped students will realise the benefits of participating in physical activity and choosing a healthy lifestyle. Peer and cross age leadership is a major strategy and students are involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of a physical activity session for peers and/or younger students. One of the major aims of this unit is to promote regular physical activity in young men to enhance their general health and wellbeing.  Accordingly, activities are determined by class members and availability.

Links to further study:
This unit would be suitable for students with an interest in physical activity and young people interested in establishing a more proactive lifestyle. This unit could also lead to careers in private and public recreational facilities.

Selection advice:
Note that, due to the use of facilities/services outside the College, this unit will incur charges that must be paid by students upon confirmation of enrolment.  This will be approximately $100, subject to School Council approval.  Students cannot undertake this unit without prior payment.

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