The Aspirations program seeks to promote and develop competencies in critical thinking and learning across a range of subject areas. The aim is to support students’ current studies and learning throughout the VCE and tertiary pathways.


Areas of study include; the brain and neuroplasticity, memory skills, critical reading for learning, educational goal-setting, organisation techniques, Blooms higher order thinking and questioning skills, development of a personalised stress management program, note-taking, socrative seminars and collaboration for learning.

Links to further study:

The skills developed in the Year 10 Aspirations course will thoroughly prepare students for, and complement, further study in all VCE and tertiary courses, and career professional development.

Selection advice:

This unit is open to all students – there are no pre-requisites.  This course will support students who have high aspirations for their senior studies and are looking to pursue a tertiary pathway.

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