Australia at Peace in the 20th Century – Semester 2

Many aspects of Australia’s culture that we are familiar with have been influenced by the major wars we have been involved in. How we have responded to these during wartime, but especially in peacetime, have directed our pop culture, political climates and designed our social world. The rapid advancement of technology with the invention of the Television and the music video, of the protest and “flower power” movements during the Vietnam War saw new freedoms for our youth never experienced before. This was also the time of “The Dismissal”, the disappearance of Prime Minister Harold Holt and “All the way with LBJ”. The Cold War of the post-World War 2 era had us asking many questions like; “Are there Reds under the bed?” or how did we as a nation go from  “White Australia” to “multiculturalism”?

These fascinating times in our history will be explored and explained to provide you with an awareness that will enhance your general knowledge of Australian history. This learning will also be invaluable if you wish to continue in the history stream in Years 11 and 12.

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The topic Australia at Peace in the Twentieth Century is a stand-alone topic but connects nicely with Australia at War in the Twentieth Century. It is not a prerequisite for History subjects offered at Year 11 and 12 but following a history stream is advisable.

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There is no prerequisite for this unit; however, it does feed into VCE History units 1 and 2: Twentieth Century History, and ties in beautifully with Australian History units 3 and 4.

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