Australian History

Unit 3

In this unit of study students look at the colonisation and the rapid pastoral expansion of the Port Phillip District, later to become known as Victoria. We explore the impact the arrival of Europeans had on the Aboriginal communities, including the rapid decline in their population through disease and massacres. We investigate the immigration flood due to the Gold Rush and how this impacts on the vision for Victoria as well as changes to the social, economic and political climate.

Students develop an understanding of the development of our national identity and the vision of a unified and white nation through the establishment of Federation and the “White Australia Policy”. This vision and identity was challenged or strengthened with the outbreak of World War I, and students determine which of these actually occurs.

Unit 4

This unit requires students to choose to study either the Depression or World War Two in Area of study One. Both of these events were crises that challenged Australia and Australians and the causes, responses and extent to which these events threatened the cohesion of the nation are closely explored.

In Area of Study Two the students again choose, through a democratic vote, the two areas of study to be focused on. The options are: Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, New Patterns of Immigration, Aboriginal Land Rights, Equality for Women or A global Economy. As all of these events occur in the latter part of the twentieth century it is a fascinating look at the changing world we live in, especially when we analyse why there was strong demand for change associated with each of these topics.

Assessment activities:

All SACs align with the exam in their style and consist of a written and visual analysis; essay; historical inquiry and an analysis of historical interpretation.

Selection advice:

This subject would suit students with an interest in history who like to research information to broaden their knowledge and understanding of Australian history.

Links to further pathways:

The study of these units equips students with the required skills and knowledge to make a smooth transition into tertiary education. A solid understanding of Australia’s history will support students in their everyday life beyond their school life.

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