Chemistry & Physics


By choosing Chemistry and Physics you will be extending yourself beyond the basic study of these subjects you encountered in Years 7 to 9.  You will be investigating the theoretical and practical aspects of topics that are related to your lives.

All science units last one semester.


Areas of study include:  Chemistry – reactions, atomic structure, carbon chemistry.  Physics – forces, kinematics, electricity.

The skills you will learn include carrying out practical investigations and interpreting the results, report writing, solving theoretical problems and doing research projects.

Links to further study:

If you are considering doing science subjects at VCE, particularly Physics and Chemistry, then this unit would be very useful to you.

Selection advice:

This unit is open to all students – there are no pre-requisites.  Choose this unit if you are interested in answering questions such as:

  • Why can’t you be heard in space?
  • Why do people appear to have short, stocky legs in water?
  • Salt is made of sodium chloride but if you split them up sodium and chlorine are toxic – why?
  • Why are astronauts weightless in space?

If you like science, have performed well and have an interest in taking some science at VCE then this subject is for you.

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