Chinese as a First Language

Year 11 or 12

In Year 11 or 12, students complete Units 3 & 4, which focus on listening, reading, writing and speaking (detail study).

By the end of Unit 3, students should be able to:

  • Respond critically to two text types, such as imaginative writing and evaluative writing
  • Answer questions based on spoken texts, which reflect aspects of the language and culture of Chinese

By the end of Unit 4, students should be able to:

  • Analyse and use information from varieties of resources to express their opinions and experiences through the production of persuasive writing
  • Conduct a face-to-face interview with interviewers


School-assessed coursework and one end-of-year examination.

Unit 3 school-assessed coursework (25%):

  • Imaginative Writing: 500-600 words imaginative essay
  • Listening responding: Answer questions according given spoken texts
  • Oral presentation: 4-5 minutes oral presentation.

Unit 4 school-assessed coursework (25%):

  • Reading comprehension: analyse and use information from two texts to produce a persuasive writing
  • Persuasive writing: 500-600 words persuasive essay
  • Face-to-face interview: a 4-5 minutes face-to-face interview based on previous persuasive writing task.

End of year examination (50%): listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Further Pathways:

This course will provide access to most tertiary language courses. This allows students to follow many career paths including, but not limited to:

  • trade & foreign affairs
  • translation & interpreting
  • teaching
  • tourism
  • business

Selection Advice:

Students must be native speakers.

VCE 中文第一语言

1112 年级

学习VCE中文第一语言的同学们需要完成第3 和第4单元的基础内容,其中包括听力,阅读,写作和口语重点研究。


  • 了解想象文和评估文的结构模式,并且能够完成一篇完整的想象文或评估文。
  • 根据听力材料所反映的是有关中国的民俗文化知识来回答问题。


  • 通过分析文学艺术作品来阐述你的观点
  • 能够用演讲的形式来完成一个面对面的访谈




  • 想象文写作:规定时间内完成一篇500-600字的想象文
  • 听力:根据听力材料回答相关问题
  • 演讲:完成一个4-5分钟的演讲。


  • 阅读理解:根据所给材料内容完成一篇说服文
  • 说服文写作:完成一篇500-600字的说服文
  • 面对面访谈:根据之前所写的说服文,完成一场4-5分钟的面对面访谈。




  • 各国网易往来
  • 翻译(笔译及口译)
  • 教师
  • 旅游业相关工作
  • 商业活动





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