This study focuses on the creation and performance of characters, narratives and stories. Students analyse the development of their performances and explore the actor–audience relationship. They view and analyse performances by professional theatre companies.

The study of drama provides students with pathways to further studies in fields such as acting, direction, playwriting, production design, production management and studies in drama criticism.

Unit 1: Dramatic Storytelling

This unit focuses on creating, presenting and analysing a devised performance. Students manipulate expressive skills in the creation and presentation of characters. They develop awareness and understanding of how characters are portrayed in naturalistic and non-naturalistic performance styles. This unit also involves analysis of a student’s own performance work and analysis of a performance by a professional theatre group.

Unit 2: Creating Australian Drama

This unit focuses on the differing perspectives and interpretations that drama can give to play scripts and stimulus material from a range of cultures. It explores the application of dramatic elements and stagecraft and the development of expressive skills in the student’s own work.

Unit 3: Ensemble Performance

Non-naturalistic performance styles and associated theatrical conventions are explored in the development of an ensemble performance. Students are assessed on this performance and their evaluation of the processes undertaken throughout the creation and performance. A professional performance will be analysed.

Unit 4: Solo Performance

A prescribed stimulus is used to create and develop character/s within two solo performances, one of which is examined externally. The processes used in this development are analysed and evaluated externally.

Assessment activities:

  • Devise and document solo and/or ensemble drama works
  • Perform devised drama works to an audience
  • Analyse drama works
  • Written analyses, oral presentations and short answer questions
  • End of year performance examination

Selection advice:

This subject would suit students who enjoy drama as well as devising drama works and developing characters. Students will need to work independently on solo work as well as be effective team members in group work.

Links to further pathways:

VCE Drama could lead to tertiary pathways in Performing Arts and is also a great way to build acting and improvisation skills for students who have a personal interest in this subject area.

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