English Language (elective subject)


If you are interested in the technical elements of language and analysis then English Language might be the subject for you! English Language is based on the study of linguistics.  Students will study the nature of language and how children acquire it, how English has changed across time, and when it comes into contact with other languages and the conventions of formal and informal language (i.e. slang, taboo, spoken and written conventions)

Assessment Activities

CAT 1     Write an essay in response to a prompt relating to the unique nature of language.

CAT 2     Grammar test on parts of speech and sentence types

CAT 3    Presentation on child language acquisition

Selection Advice

English Language is very different to English and Literature; you will like it if you like media analysis in mainstream English.  There are no novels but plenty of reading and writing. Students will need to learn a range of metalanguage in order to analyse language; study skills like note-taking and revision key here.

Links to further studies

English Language will support students to develop and refine their skills and knowledge to successfully complete further English studies such as English Language and English at VCE.  Many of the skills developed in English Language are skills that are transferrable to other VCE subjects.

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