English Language


This study aims to combine learning about the nature of language in human thought and communication, with learning how to use English more effectively and creatively. It is informed by the discipline of linguistics and integrates a systematic exploration of the nature of the English Language. Students develop skills in the description and analysis of a diverse range of spoken and written English texts.

English Language Units 1 & 2

Unit 1: What language is and how children learn language.

Unit 2: The history of English and English varieties around the world.

Assessment activities:

  • Grammar test and essay on how human language is unique
  • PowerPoint presentation on how children learn language
  • Timeline of the major events that influenced the development of English
  • Folio of texts introducing an English variety
  • Essay on language variation around the world
  • Unit exams

English Language Units 3 & 4

Unit 3: Informal and formal language features.

Unit 4: How language variation reflects individual and group identity.

Assessment activities:

  • Analysis of informal features in a written or spoken text
  • Analysis of formal features in a written or spoken text and an essay on how language can influence attitudes
  • Investigative report on ethnolects
  • Folio of annotated texts showing how language and identity are related
  • End of unit examinations

Selection advice:

This is a specialised English subject that would complement the skills taught in the core English course. Students who have a particular interest in the workings of the English language would enjoy this study.

Students need to be competent in identifying grammatical terms, writing language analyses and essays. Skills in areas like English for expression and analysis are useful. Students must also be prepared to read widely and take note of current trends in language in society.

Links to further pathways:

English Language would provide an introduction to a possible Linguistics or language studies at a tertiary level.

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