Foundation English


This subject is an opportunity for students to develop their literacy skills before proceeding to Unit 3 and 4.   The course allows students to improve their skills in comprehending and responding to a variety of texts, and to enhance their communication skills.  Foundation English may also be suited to students who need additional time and assistance to strengthen and refine their literacy skills to support their study in VCE English.

Selection Advice for Unit 1 and 2 English

Students who have experienced difficulty with the literacy components of Year 10 English may consider completing Foundation English. The pathways once Unit 1 and 2 Foundation English are completed are

  • Unit 1 and 2 English
  • Unit 3 and 4 English
  • VCAL Literacy at Intermediate or Senior level.

Students need to be competent from a Literacy standpoint as there is a considerable amount of reading, writing and knowledge that needs to be understood. Students need to demonstrate some ability to independently read texts such as novels, plays and news articles as well as complete extended pieces of writing.  Skills in areas like notetaking, marking of texts, independent research and planning and editing work will be developed.  Students will be expected to participate in class discussion and activities, read set texts and complete coursework-based assignments for each Area of Study.  Students must be able utilise ICT to support their learning.

Unit 1:

In this unit, students focus on developing language and communication skills, primarily through the study of a variety of texts. They develop communication skills in order to listen, speak, read and write effectively in academic, workplace and social contexts.  Students utilise a range of reading and viewing strategies to encourage the understanding and appreciation of both literary and non-literary texts

Unit 2:

In this unit students develop a range of literacy skills and learning strategies. They extend the understandings and processes required to read and write effectively. Students employ learning strategies designed to enhance their achievement in and enjoyment of the English language.


Students are expected to complete a coursework-based assignment on each of the Areas of Study.  Assessments may include:

  • Written comparative analysis on two selected texts
  • a written response to the ideas and issues raised within a text
  • summaries of specific elements of a text
  • a piece of informative writing
  • a point of view oral presentation
  • Creative response to a literary text
  • A piece of argumentative writing
  • Oral presentation on a selected local, national or global issue
  • Unit Exams

NOTE: There are no Unit 3 & 4 Foundation English classes offered as part of VCE. However, students who study Foundation English may choose to do a Non-Scored Year 12 course in the following year.

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