This subject involves investigating some of the most interesting events from the 20th Century.

Unit 1

You will study the fallout of WWI, the rise of dictators in Europe including Adolf Hitler in Germany as well as the causes of World War II. You will investigate economic, social and cultural changes in the United States and Germany. A key feature of the interwar years was the boom in consumer goods in the Roaring 1920s and the devastating Great Depression. You will study the rise of Jazz music, flapper fashion and a variety of artistic movements. This unit also covers racial segregation in the United States and the widespread discrimination against Jewish people in Europe leading up to the Holocaust.

Unit 2

You will examine the key events of the Cold War, including the situations which almost led to nuclear catastrophe. Key events studied in this unit of work include the construction of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. You will investigate the rapid decline of the U.S.S.R. and debate whether a new Cold War is now underway. Another key feature of Unit 2 is an investigation into the fight for civil rights in the segregated parts of the United States and in Apartheid South Africa. You will investigate the importance of leaders including Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela.

Assessment activities:

  • Primary and secondary source analysis tasks
  • Historical essay writing
  • Inquiry tasks

Selection advice:

This subject suits students who enjoy delving into the past and debating the actions of important historical leaders. Students who study history enjoy reading and analysing both written and visual sources of evidence.

Links to further pathways:

These units link directly to Units 3 and 4 History as offered at Mount Clear College. They indirectly link to all other humanities subjects through the development of key skills.

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