The Year 10 course aims to further develop communication skills in a spoken and written context. Students will write in both Hiragana and Katakana and extend their knowledge of Kanji. Grammatical concepts are learned through dealing with real situations, including family, school, hobbies, future and work. Students will also learn how to speak in a conversational manner, as well as how to travel around in Japan and other useful information such as homestay guidelines, food and a healthy lifestyle, asking people out, school life etc.


Tasks for this unit will evaluate the students’ reading, writing listening and speaking abilities around the topics listed above.

Further Pathway:

With the successful completion of Year 10, students are able to study Japanese to the end of Year 12 and then at University. Having a second language allows students to follow many career paths including

  • trade & foreign affairs
  • translation & interpreting
  • teaching
  • tourism

Selection Advice:

Students should have completed Year 9 Japanese. This Year 10 subject should be taken over two semesters, so will need to be listed as two choices. Students are expected to complete two units of Japanese at Year 10 in order to continue to Year 11.

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