In VCE Literature students will read deeply, widely and critically, respond analytically and creatively, and appreciate the aesthetic merit of texts. The texts selected for study are drawn from the past through to the present, and vary in form and social and cultural contexts.

Literature Unit 1

Approaches to literature – students analyse the features and conventions of texts and respond critically, creatively and reflectively to the ideas and concerns of texts, gaining insights into texts as representations of human experience.

Literature Unit 2

Context and connections – Students explore the ways literary texts connect with each other and with the world. They deepen their examination of the ways their own culture and the cultures represented in texts can influence their interpretations and shape different meanings.

Literature Unit 3

Form and transformation – Students consider how the form of a text affects meaning and how writers construct their texts. They investigate ways writers adapt and transform texts and how meaning is affected as texts are adapted and transformed.

Literature Unit 4

Interpreting texts -Students develop critical and analytic responses to texts. They consider the context of their responses to texts as well as the ideas explored in the texts, the style of the language and points of view. They investigate literary criticism informing both the reading and writing of texts.

Assessment activities:

  • Close analysis of texts
  • Analysis and comparison of passages from texts (passage responses)
  • Creative responses
  • Oral presentations
  • Comparative essays
  • Written interpretations drawing on literary criticism

Selection advice:

This is a specialised English subject that would complement the skills taught in the core English course.  Students who have a particular interest in a variety of forms and genres of English literature would enjoy this study. It is recommended to students who have a high level of literacy and enjoy reading, discussing and writing about literature.  It would suit students who enjoy both analytical and creative tasks.

Please note that an achievement of “Above level” in Year 10 core English, or an “At level” in Year 10 Advanced English, are pre-requisites for entry into VCE Literature. 

Furthermore, Units 1 & 2 Literature are pre-requisites for Units 3 & 4 Literature. 

Links to further pathways:

Literature provides a foundation for tertiary level literary studies.  It may lead to career pathways such as writing, editing, publishing, journalism or librarianship. It would also suit students who have a personal interest in this area and would like to share their ideas and expand on them in discussion with others.

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