Making and Breaking the Law

This subject is an introduction to all areas of the law and law making within Victoria and Australia. Students will develop a general knowledge of legal systems, recent and past criminal and civil cases and an understanding of how the court system operates within Victoria. The subject provides the opportunity for discussion on many topical legal issues and encourages students to become interested in current legal cases within Victoria and Australia.

Assessment activities:

Assessment is in many forms including tests, case studies, research projects and current affairs activities.

Selection advice: This subject is relevant to any student as it covers many of the criminal and civil areas of law that may be interesting to young adults. Students are expected to read and discuss relevant legal cases both recent and historical.

Links to further pathways:

This subject is an excellent introduction into Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies and allows students to develop an understanding of legal concepts that are developed further in Units 1-4.

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