Media and mass communication plays a significant part in the way people spend their time, help shape the way they perceive themselves and others, and plays a crucial role in the creation of personal, social, cultural and national identity. The study of Media includes the following forms of audio-visual media, print-based media and digital media technologies.

Units 1 & 2

In Unit 1 and 2 Media, students explore codes and conventions and representations in film, TV, advertisements and posters. They will produce two media productions that go through the five stages of production development. Students will also explore and analyse the effect of different forms of media on society.

Assessment activities:

  • Exploration and analysis of representations
  • Exploration and analysis of codes and conventions
  • Media productions
  • Exploration and analysis of media practitioners

Units 3 & 4

In Unit 3 and 4 Media, students explore codes and conventions of narrative and ideology. They will produce a media production design plan that will be realised in Unit 4. Students will also explore the media industry and its influence upon audience and society.

Assessment activities:

  • Exploration and analysis of narrative and ideology (10% of study score)
  • Media production development, design, plan, product (40% of study score)
  • Agency and control in the media (10% of study score)
  • End of year examination (40% of study score)

Selection advice:

This subject is best suited to students who have a strong interest in the consumption and production of media such as films, television, news and social media. There is a balance between the practical component and the theoretical component.

Unit 1 or 2 Media are recommended for entry into Unit 3/4 Media. If a student plans to do more than one folio subject, consultation must occur with the subject Teachers, Year Level Coordinators and Assistant Principal.

Links to further pathways:

This subject can lead to further study in Media Arts, Journalism or Digital Media at a tertiary level.

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