Our Place in Space


In Our Place in Space, students will develop critical and creative thinking skills to investigate the human endeavour of survival in space, space exploration and space research. They will use their knowledge of these topics and use the design process to develop models to solve a problem or question about survival, exploration and/or research in space.


Students will investigate topics such Astronomy, Planetary Science, Aerospace Engineering (including robotics and rocket engineering) and Astronautics (the science of Life in Space and Space Habitation).

Links to further study:

By choosing Our Place in Space you are engaging in all areas of Science such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science.  You will be able to go on and study any of the VCE Science subjects.

Selection advice:

This unit is open to all students – there are no prerequisites. Studying this unit would be very useful for those students contemplating doing more science at VCE but even if you do not wish to study science at VCE these topics should be of interest and helpful in many future careers.

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