Outdoor and Environmental Studies


This study explores the relationships humans have with the outdoor environment, which includes natural environments, minimal impact and extensive human interaction. Outdoor recreation activities are undertaken to create learning experiences which enable students to understand how human-nature relationships have been constructed and to make informed decisions on environmental sustainability.

Unit 1 – Exploring Outdoor Experiences

This unit focuses on motivations for and influences on outdoor experiences. It also develops an understanding of nature through practical experiences and investigation of particular outdoor environments. Camp costs for this unit are approximately $300.

Unit 2 – Discovering Outdoor Environments

This unit focuses on the impact of human interaction on nature and nature’s impact on humans.  Outdoor recreation provides the major focus for studying this impact, as well as the ecological, social and economic implications of human impact on the environment. Camp costs for this unit are approximately $450.

Unit 3 – Relationships with Outdoor Environments

In this unit concepts related to the ecological, historical and social contexts of the relationships between Australians and the outdoor environment are investigated. A range of impacts on outdoor environments are examined in the context of the changing nature of human relationships with outdoor environments in Australia. Approximate camp costs for Unit 3 are $400.

Unit 4 – Sustainable Outdoor Relationships

In this unit students explore the sustainable use and management of outdoor environments. They examine the contemporary state of environments in Australia, consider the importance of healthy outdoor environments and examine the issues relating to the capacity of outdoor environments to support the future needs of the Australian population. Approximate camp costs for Unit 4 are $450.

Assessment activities:

Unit 1 & 2 – Students complete a case study and written report related to exploring and discovering outdoors and the environment, and they complete a journal based on their practical experiences.

Unit 3 & 4 – Students complete a case study and written report related to relationships and sustainable interactions with the outdoor environment.  Students will also complete a journal based on their practical experiences for each outcome.

Selection advice:

This subject is open to Year 10 students at Units 1 & 2 and Year 11 students at Units 3 & 4 to ensure minimal disruption to other Year 12 subjects due to the camps. Students will be expected to participate in a camp for each Unit and to be responsible for meeting the associated costs of each camp. Units 1 & 2 will incur an additional cost of $750 (2 camps). Units 3 & 4 will incur an additional cost of $850 (2 camps).

Links to further pathways:

This subject would be an advantage to those students considering completing VCE Environmental Science or a career in the outdoor and recreation industry.

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