Sports Science


By choosing Sports Science you will be exploring the science of sport including the movement of the body, body systems, the structure of sports equipment and sports psychology. You will be exploring research methods and follow the scientific method to draw conclusions about how people interact in a sports field.


Areas of study include:

Nutrition in sport, biological concepts relating to the human body, body motion, the psychological effects of sport, conversion of energy and sports equipment design. The skills you will learn include carrying out practical investigations and interpreting the results, report writing, solving theoretical problems and completing research projects

Links to further study:

By choosing Sports Science you are engaging in all fields of science. This allows you to build up a broad knowledge base and background for all VCE sciences.

Selection advice:

This unit is open to all students – there are no pre-requisites. Students should be aware that there is a practical component to this unit and participation is mandatory to successfully complete the unit.

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