Studio Art


VCE Studio Arts introduces students to the role and practices of artists in society. Students develop an understanding of the ways artists work in a range of cultures and periods of time, the artists’ perceptions, beliefs and actions and their relationship with the viewer. Student research focuses on critical, reflective and creative thinking, the visual analysis of artworks and the investigation of how artists have interpreted sources of inspiration and influences in their art making. Students examine how artists develop their practice and have used materials, techniques and processes to create aesthetic qualities in artworks. They study how artists have developed style and explored their cultural identity in their artwork. Students use this knowledge to inform their own studio practice and to support art making.

Visiting a variety of art exhibition spaces is integral to the student’s artistic and creative development. Students also consider the ways in which artists work to develop and resolve artworks, including their use of inspiration and their creative process. The role of artists in society includes their relationships with others in the art industry and the presentation and exhibition of artworks in art galleries and exhibition spaces. Students research aspects of the art industry including the presentation, conservation and marketing of artworks.

Units 1 & 2

Assessment activities:

  • Researching and recording ideas
  • Studio practice
  • Interpreting art ideas and use of materials and techniques
  • Exploration of studio practice and development of artworks
  • Ideas and styles in artworks

Units 3 & 4

Assessment activities:

  • Exploration proposal
  • Studio process
  • Artists and studio practices
  • Production and presentation of artworks
  • Evaluation
  • Art industry contexts

Selection advice:

This subject is best suited to those that have a strong interest in the Visual Arts. There is a balance between the practical component and the theoretical component.

Unit 1 or 2 Studio Arts are recommended for entry in to Unit 3/4 Studio Arts.

If a student plans to do more than one folio subject, consultation must occur with the subject teachers, Year Level Coordinators and Assistant Principal.

Links to further pathways:

This subject can lead to further study Visual Arts, Fine Arts and Graphic Design at a tertiary level, or the following occupations: Arts Administrator, Artist, Jeweller, Museum Technician, Painter & Decorator, Sign Writer, Stage Designer, Industrial Designer.  Students may also enrol in this subject to build their artistic skills

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